Covid-19 Updates

To Our Great Guests,

We have been your neighborhood restaurants for the past 28 years, and we still are!
It is important that we share with you any news we receive and we want you to know that we take your safety and our employees’ safety very seriously over everything else. We want to provide you with an explanation of the measures we are taking during this time to accomplish this. We hope that you will enjoy your experience with us, and feel safe when doing so.

Our Safety & Preventative Measures

We have been and will continue to be training and enforcing these safety measures. We are monitoring CDC and Arizona Health Department guidelines, as well as any Governmental changes, and we will update this as the situation evolves or changes.

  • All employees are required to wear face masks during their shifts
  • All employees are screened by a Manager when they arrive for their shift, which includes taking their temperature
  • Employees are instructed to stay home if they are feeling any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Enforcing social distancing between employees and guests
  • Tables are spaced out, and there is limited seating at the bar
  • Limiting guest capacity in the building
  • Hand washing and hand hygiene requirements for our staff
  • Reduced touch points; disposable single-use menus or mobile menus available. No tabletop items like table tents, ketchup/mustard etc.
  • As always, all locations are cleaned every morning by a third-party cleaning company
  • We have hired extra staff for their sole job to be sanitizing and cleaning around the clock
  • Increased and scheduled bathroom cleanings
  • With recent local Government orders, some cities’ Mayors are requiring residents to wear a face covering when they are in public, so we must ask you to wear one in our restaurants. These can be removed once you sit at your table. Please see the “Guest Face Mask Mandate” tab for more information. Thank you for helping us keep our employees and guests safe!

While we are confident in our diligent safety & preventive measures, we feel it is our responsibility to mention that there is an inherent risk when in public. With the ongoing pandemic, the reality is – no business can promise a 100% guarantee. We strongly encourage everyone to make their own decision to dine-out based on their personal circumstances and comfort level.

COVID-19 Response Plan

Our effort and focus has been to work diligently to provide a safe atmosphere for our guests and employees.

The CDC guidelines state that you do not need to shut down your facility in most cases, but it is important to notify individuals that may have been directly exposed, and to clean/disinfect the restaurant.

We do everything we can to remain open, many people depend on our restaurants in order to make a living, to pay their bills and feed their families. We are fortunate to have a hard-working internal operational team to respond with immediacy once we hear of a positive test result or exposure, so that we can attempt to safely remain open or temporarily close if necessary.

Our response plan is as follows:

  1. Validate the case
  2. Notify all employees at this location
  3. Personally call each employee that has come into direct contact with that employee, and have them get tested.
  4. Notify the public on our website that there was a positive case, and provide the last date worked of the employee. We will respect the privacy of this employee and will be unable to provide a name, position or any other details.
  5. Immediately contact our third-party cleaning company to clean/sanitize/disinfect the restaurant.

Keeping the restaurant open / temporarily closing will be contingent on our ability to have the restaurant cleaned first and foremost, as well as our ability to staff the restaurant with unaffected employees.

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